A drawer for every thought?

Hubero Kororo Design Group was founded by students of industrial design in Brno in spring 2005, and they had a lot of projects on their website, and they mainly have something to say with their work- it's not just pretty things to look at. "A product is not based only on a shape or a function. It has often ability to evolve users and tell something. Our focus is to realize our ideas in broader context. We are looking for a new relationships between the product and a user to move the board of design further from applied art to sociology and cultural context", they describe on their website.

Drawerment - drawers on the wall
author: Jaroslav Juřica, 2008

Drawerment is a composition of drawers collected from old office furniture. The installation enables viewers to find their own story in it. The composition has been designed for Demakersvan | dutch design house as a part of their renovated studio in Rotterdam.


Street furniture
design: Jaroslav Juřica, 2005
prize: CityPoint, special prize of jury, 2005

By connenecting a geometric shape with an organic shape which is on the inside of the material, objects, which respect the function requirements, are developed.


Mr.ZAK - Silent Servant
design: Jaroslav Juřica, 2004

Hanger - Inspired by children wooden puzzles of prehistoric animals for temporary puting clothes.

+20% EXTRA - Absurd productsauthor: Jaroslav Juřica, 2008

The +20% EXTRA is a reaction on present situation in marketing. We highlighted this absurd situation on a brick. The brick (product which is under the infulence of production norm) is affected by this strategy. Moreover, it´s covered in plastic, because of another marketing obsession.

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