Will Renzo Piano put Oslo on the map !?

The harbour of Oslo is in these days getting a total and well-needed makeover. The Opera opened about a month ago and now its time to start the focus on the little islet called Tjuvholmen. One of my all time favourite architects, Renzo Piano, is going to make the new art centre for Astrup Fearnley, a sculpture park, a 60 meter tall view tower, an adventure centre and a living and office building on the islet.

The new Astrup Fearnley museum will be collaboration between Piano and the Danish art centre Louisianna and will open its 3000 square metre in 2011. Piano have a lot of experience drawing art centres and we all know him for Centre Pompidou in Paris (in collaboration with Roger Rogers), De Menil Foundation in Texas, Paul Klee-centre in Bernondation, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, and the new tower of New York Times on Manhatten.

If the new opera have not put Oslo on the map yet, then I really do believe that Renzo´s signature on Tjuvholmen will be a national symbol for Norway.
Centre Pompidou in Paris
Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome
Paul Klee-centre in Bernondation
the new tower of New York Times on Manhatten

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Natalie said...

Great post! I think your question is very interesting- and I am honored to come from a city that will (hopefully) soon have a design by him. I think having easy recognizable buildings in general will put us on the map, but having great structures like this one will not only do that, but make are city more interesting, too!

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