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During Salone del Mobile, we handed out loads of clothing pins, and we did some stunts with them, too. The italian magazine GLAMOUR noticed the clothing pin, and stopped some people to ask were they got it from, and luckily for us, our name was written all over it. In the trend section, we were mentioned under the title "What a great idea!", and that the new trend is launched on our site- check it out!

(Our picture)

The magazine wrote:

(In english:)

What an idea!
Our advice? Play with everything, absolutely everything. The great result is guaranteed.
Look closely: and notice the wooden clothing pin used as a pendant (that way you can put in wherever you want to). It is a new trend presented on the blog;like a tribute to all the designers in the world, from Norway to Africa.

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Tine said...

Good work girls!! This is how we want it, is'nt it?? :)

Natalie said...

I know! This is so much fun! Now we now what accessory to wear for every occasion;)

Julia Edin said...

yeay girls (and you Logi). i am so proud of all of us! Lets keep on doing fun and strange stuff like this!! Should we plan something for next time, that will be after tesi/exams in end of june? handing out icecubes with our logo inside?

Anonymous said...

very cool!

to get noticed by the design press is not so relevant.

to get on "glamour" that's really good!




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