Interventions in Bologna

In Bologna this week there will be an exhibition by the designer Marcus Hofer, and it really fascinated me. Finding new relations between objects that we are used to seeing around us (and then maybe stop noticing)- makes us now look at them again with a new perspective. "These series of Interventi Bolognesi (Interventions in Bologna) contaminate places of the historical centre, offering to the public, and to everybody who’s passing, new possibilities of reading the reality, new approachezs to the city’s elements to which it’s accustomed, a new conscience of what is surrounding it. They have been created with the attempt to cause a feeling of lost, provoked by a transformation of the function and of the original form of objects, architectonic elements, artificial elements and human traces." is written about the exhibition, and I think it is spot on.

“I place infinite questions about the truth that surrounds me, every day. I need this work to give me some answers” says Marcus Hofer.

Nosadella.due presents Interventi Bolognesi by Markus Hofer
curated by Elisa Del Prete from 21st May, Bologna.

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