Grand Hotel De Londres

I’m back from Istanbul and I promised you to write something about that. Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities I have ever been to, and with so much history and culture to show off, there was not a lot of design to see. But one of thing I really think that a designer-heart can fall in love with is the beautiful hotel “Buyuk Londra” or “Grand Hotel De Londres”. The building dates all the way back to 1892 and it’s filled with all kind of strange stuff like old chandeliers, old heaters, angels sculptures, bird cages with living birds singing all day long, the kitschiest wallpapers ever, and just the perfect atmosphere! So press more to see some of my pictures (Ps. Sorry, I know the photos are not so good, but bare with me!)

During our stay the hotel was filled with an Italian group of musicians and a film crew that were using the hotel as a location for their film, so its needles to say that this is a place appreciated by creative people.

I have never seen so many big, beautiful and kitschy lamps in one hotel!

Even the radiators had a unique and special look!

Birds! Waking up early in the morning and having a cup of Turcish apple tee in the lounge, with birdsong from all over the room is strongly recommended !

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Kirsti Hove said...

I love that hotel! How can you not smile when you see all the stuff inside?! Now I am more eager to take a trip to Istanbul than ever.
Maybe you would join me mizzy?

Julia Edin said...

Offcourse i will!!! and if there are some hot singel guys out there, then i dont mind to share a suite! (but to sleep in spoon with Kirsti is almost as good)

Kirsti Hove said...


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