Atelier Blink at the Belgian Embassy in Oslo

Remember Atelier Blink? Their beanbag chair Octupus made them well known in 2007, among with a lot of other nice projects. The designer duo Emilie Lecouturier and CĂ©line Poncelet works with product and interior design as well as environmental design and project development. This Wednesday, the 28.05.08, they are exhibiting their work at the Belgian Embassy in Oslo, so if you are in town I recommend that you take a look.

Psst-it, a table made of huge post-it sheets. Perfect for meetings or for restaurants.

Rendez-vous is a wallpaer made of “naughty” patterns that take their inspiration from those repetitive floral garland patterns which so many of our forebears were exceptionnally fond of.

Baiser praliné, Chocolat shaped as a kissing mout

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