Salone 2008: To be continued....

Designers are a strange breed of people. Some designers are like rock stars and others are just simply down to earth and would love to take a chat with you. Julien Carretero is like that. When we walked into the stand for Design Factory Brainport Eindehovden he literally shined up when we had a closer look at his bench. We couldn’t really figure out what the material the bench was made off so we turned to the designer and asked. He could tell us that it is made of a type of plastic that in fact does look a lot like concrete. The bench called “to be continued” is made by a unique technique where each casted layer composing the objects tries to copy the layer casted just before. Because the imitation cannot be perfect, the object slowly mutates, and gives it its characteristic shape.(...)

Since we are on the roll with Julien, we ask him what his favorite blog is, and he answers Dezeen and Mocoloco. He continue on telling us that this is his first time exhibiting at Salone, and that he is also helping out with Maarten Baas´s installation.

Julien finished school last year and since “to be continued” was his graduation project he also thinks of it as the project he likes the most of his own works. He says that Salone is an important place to show his work, but that it competes with the fairs like Basel, Miami. “Milano is more about tradition” he says- and we wish him good luck for the fairs to come!

(Julien was interviewed by Julia and Natalie, tuesday april 15.)

Written by Julia
Photos by Natalie

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