Summer teaser

Summer has arrived here in Milan, and I have to say that I really blossom when the sun shines. It's probably a Norwegian thing, but I can't even immagine a sunny day without going out and spending the day in the sun. And in that spirit I just had to post this picnic dress from Reddish Design- and for those of you sitting inside on a rainy grey day, here's something to look forward too;)

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Julia Edin said...

uh, thanks for rubbing it in. Im in cold f***ings norway, its raining, freezing, foggy and not even a tiny little hint of spring. hm.. i´catching the nex flight to you!

Natalie said...

Hehe, sorry for that julia, It is hard to immagine the shitty weather in Norway right now. With this fantastic weather, snow seems far away (haha, just trying to rub it in more)- have a faaantastic day!

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