Salone 2008: Interview with Sebastian Brajkovic

Yesterday was kick off for Salone del Mobile, and we were nervous and excited sitting down with Sebastian Brajkovic to do our very first interview for the website. Lucky for us Sebastian is a really down to earth guy, and we had a relaxed and nice conversation in the Lebesque showroom in via Forcella 9.

This year Sebastian has designed an easy chair, a lampshade and a rug for Lebesque, where all the elements are attached to each other by embroidery of exclusive horsehair. The embroidery tells the story of blood relations, and the piece is called “Consangenious furniture”.

Since we are a designblog we wanted to hear what relationship Sebastian has to the world of blogs and design sites, and where he gets his inspiration form. He surprised us by replaying that he actually tries not to look at any sites, but instead gets a lot of his inspiration from animal and nature sites, especially natuurmonumenten .

Although inspired by nature, he lets us know that for him, sustainability is not important in his work. In fact he says, “ eco-design is so 2000 and old fashion, I hope that people will work more from their heart and less commercial”. You can clearly see that Sebastian himself works form the heart, and that he is balancing on the edge between design and art.
His first project was “the Lathe chair”, and it was exhibited at Salone last year at Spazio Rosanna. It is a classical chair with needle stitch work on the seat, but it has the genius twist that it’s been stretched, and it gives you the impression of something moving fast. This chair Sebastian tells us, is in fact his own favorite design, and he hopes that more people will start integrating art in design.

Salone del Mobile has a great value to Sebastian Brajkovic and his designs, "4 or 5 years ago it was here at Salone that it all started to come together for me. Being just out of school and coming here to show my work, really gave me encouragment."

It’s impossible not to notice all the Dutch people in Zona Tortona this year and asking Sebastian what he felt about that, he responds: "I hope there will be less Dutch names in the future. Dutch have become a trademark that makes is easy to “use” for the young designers." His advice to students and other aspiring designers would rather be to stay close to who you are, "are you commercial go for it, and are you more natural than go for that!"

Our very first interview was much more relaxed and friendly than we could immagine, and we have Sebastian to thank for that. He will be showing in Basel and London later this year and we really hope our roads will be crossed another time, soon!

(Sebastian was interviewed by Julia and Natalie)

Written by Julia
Photos by Natalie

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