During Salone we have tried to do different stunts, to get attention of course, but also to have some fun! Our friend Leif had this wooden sailboat, and we just had to put it on the canal Naviglio to see if it would sail. So we painted it pink, and put our logo on it. We couldn't wait to see it sail down the canal with our name on it. We were exstatic! The weather was perfect, and everybody met at the canal, wednesday morning- the first day of Salone- the perfect place and time for the big event...

Yeah, so the boat just wouldn't float. It was tragic, our own little titanic (or playtanic), -but funny at the same time. There was a small crowd and we had a lot of fun doing it, too. After two attempts, we gave up (we didnt have any choice since we set it free the second time)- but we have som great footage we wanted to show to you! Enjoy:)

The "float-the-boat"-team: (from the left) Julia, Camilla, Natalie and Logi (Tine not visible in this picture)

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