Kiki & Joost

Salone teaser:
This year Joost & Kiki's presenting: reCollections “A show about collecting, history and re-interpretation”. The meaning of this title has multiple layers; it’s about memories about forgotten objects, values or techniques. But also about collecting objects in their head. Here is some of the things we can aspect from their exhibition; the "Patchwork Cabinet" (over) is a glass display case constructed with different materials and colors, as if it would be a patchwork; ceramics, glass, wood and bronze. All the elements are handmade, even the bronze hinges. And the "Compose Amphora" where Joost acts as the little boy with his woodblocks. Composing shapes with solid pieces of wenge wood, he finally fixes them by casting pewter in routed slots.(...)

As a result they create series and families of forms which show this love for collections of special objects in a very personal and autonomous way. They’re re-collecting special objects that fascinate them endlessly.
The objects shown are mostly limited and exclusive pieces which together form a museum of curiosities.

Stamped and Sealed vase
19,3 x 19,3 x 30 cm
Material: ceramics
A vase inspired on medieval glass bottles with its handmade seals. These ceramic seals tell a story together about what could be found around the kitchen table in medieval times.
The color is based on the colors used in glasswork in these times.

No screw no glue – lantern
Material: polished stainless steel
Size: 34 x 34 x 132 cm
Edition: 20 plus two artist proofs
A lantern doesn’t only say something about light or fire, but also it’s a heroic object. It shines a light in the wind, the rain and the impossible, where light is needed and warmth is wanted. This lantern on a pedestal is homage to this primitive object, which shows the beauty of lighting the lit that reflects the light in all directions.

Photos: Frank Tielemans

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