Playdays at Salone Satelitte: During a fair you meet so many different people. Some designers are clearly fed up with presenting their work and are hiding behind their own furniture’s in their stands, and others just sell their asses off. Once in a while you just find some designers that are just humble and talented and just so great that you, just fall in love at first sight! Hommin was like that…

Hommin is a studio based in Sweden founded by Hung-Ming Chen. He had filled his stand with three of his best projects: the roof was filled with “bird lights” hanging down, a table was showing “clip trash can” (wich must be the prettiest trash can I have ever seen) and on the floor he had the “outlet house", to hide cables and wires. Hommin really is an unshaped diamond, and I can’t wait to see more from him in the future!

(Text by Julia and photos by Natalie)

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