Playdays at Salone: It was the end of a really rainy day, and I was wandering home to dry up. Since I live right by the Designersblock venue, I've passed by there a couple of times. It looked pretty sad in the rain- this venue is perfect for great weather- not for bad. But I wanted to check it out, and when I met these smiling faces on the inside of the first tent I went to, I didn't have any choice. The warmth and cosyness of these two people combined with a roof over my head for now, was a perfect combination. ROAM is a design company based on two fashion designers; Sonia Ambrosano and Lachlan Munro.

They make blankets in all the different colors in the world, and they even specify them with monograms etc. if the costumer wants to. They had a great week so far (when I talked with them on friday), with already some contacts and a lot of positive respons. They were just crossing their fingers for better weather right now. I didn't want to leave them, but I had to, so they told me to check out their neighbours, a design group called KithKin.

KithKin is launching a download-only online shop during Salone, giving designers the chance to sell their products in a quick and affordable way, directly to the customer. They were selling everything from music, film, books, fonts,
posters, photographs and trend reports as well as products and graphics, which can be
printed, laser-cut and rapid-prototyped after being downloaded.

This is the idea:
"Mp3s, file sharing and piracy revolutionised the music industry. Now it’s time for the design industry...
New digital technologies such as rapid prototyping are already changing the design environment. Concerns about copyright theft, intellectual property and ownership are sparking debate. There are increasing environmental worries associated with the manufacture, transport, storage and wastage of products.
Imagine being able to buy the digital blueprints to any object, being able to take it to a skilled professional and have it produced directly. Imagine instant access to quality design ideas and the means to manufacture products on demand. Imagine completely removing the middleman. We have designed a marketplace that connects the designer straight to the consumer. No longer will designers get bogged down in the traditional route to market for their products, involving protracted negotiations with manufacturers and shops.
"Some Rights Reserved" lets designers get ideas out direct to the public, on their terms. Designers have greater creative freedom, flexibility, spontaneity, and control over licensing. Consumers are given the chance to purchase design instantly, either printing it out on their own printer or taking the file to a listed supplier for production.
The "Some Rights Reserved" download shop stocks a range of products from conceptual one-offs to unlimited edition prints, from independent music and film to trend reports. The restrictions of commerce are lifted, empowering and questioning the role of designers and consumers alike. Let the revolution begin!"

All photos and text by Natalie

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