Design Factory Brainport Eindhoven

Salone teaser: The participants in Design Factory Brainport Eindhoven, form a very diverse group ranging from established designers to recently graduated Masters of Design. Another major participant is the innovative textile company EE Labels from Heeze, which this year shows the dazzling results of manufacturing strength coupled with design. The exhibition encompasses a wide diversity of concepts and end products, varying from furniture to accessories, and from lamps to textile products.
Annelies Hermsen presents another new and powerful aspect of Eindhoven design: food design. For example, she tickles the visitor’s taste buds with a bold combination of authentic Eindhoven liquorice and Italian olive oil. They will be located in via Forcella.

* Participating designers
Maarten Baptist, Hunn WAI, COEN!, Yksi Ontwerp, Myoungwon SUH, GRO design, Julien Carretero, WHATELS, Studio JSPR, Werner Neumann, Anna ter Haar, Pepe Heykoop, Ontwerpduo, Ontwerplabel Vij5, Dave Keune, KesselsGranger and Landwater& The Sky, Anouk Omlo, Studio-ePosh
Lianne van Genugten, Jelte van Geest, Lara de Greef, Christoph Brach and Daniera ter Haar, EE Labels, Zlda, Willem de Ridder, Ontwerpstudio Annelies Hermsen.

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