Butterfly light

Butterfly light is made by Vinta design group, a japanese company with some really nice and fun stuff. They were at Salone Satelitte this year, and they also had som older work that I discovered, like this lamp. The light came from the idea of folding a piece of paper, and the two panels with slight shifts to each other at it's closed position remind a user to open this object up. This light gives the poetic theme to the space like a butterfly flying around with silence.

After Dark
Savor time before bed with chocolate on your nightstand

This Flower vase is composed of bending a tube. Transforming a image from the water through into the putting in the vase. A simple transformation creates an intricate space, and it's emphasized to be together.

They wanted the user to feel the time flow by a change of an object form. The hands being connected as one element represent this idea.

Wooden Clock
They wanted to express the idea of "feeling the time", not "measuring the time".
It can be shown from revolving slowly on its own axis once every hour with an ambiguous change in its inclination.
And they used the preciseness of a Japanease craftman technique to make this delicate shape to revolve smoothly.

Lounge chair
The seat of this lounge chair is supported solely by a
cantilever attached to its arms. Through the use of an
elastic, sheer fabric, both the seat and the arms are
united together to create comfort.

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