I just discovered SoonSalon and I have to say I really enjoy their portfolio with everything from fashion to accessories and interior design. In their BLABLABLA-collection the objects have been placed a little bit out of context, and in that way it becomes the perfect accessorise with a little bit of a social comment. Take a look at the BLABLABLA collection by pressing more!

One example is the golden necklaces we all have seen with different names on it, most famous as the Carrie necklaces from sex and the city. With text "Blablabla" it anticipates on the superficial side of communication between people, and it almost seems like the necklace has an ironic point to its own existents.

A golden or silver label is attached to this belt, which reads "Size Zero".The label covers up the original jeans-label that would reveal your real size."Size Zero" criticizes the pressure society puts on woman towards their appearance.

"Workaholic" is a necklace that mocks with people who are obsessed with their work.It's a customized, golden business card, which you can wear as jewellery.

Many people are preoccupied with their work. With "Red Rose" you tread every day as a potential blind date.

"Max 20 kg" makes people think about the absurdity to strive for the perfect body.It indicates that nobody’s fits this propagandistic ideology of the body.

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Natalie said...

Really nice! Of course I love the necklace and the shoes, but playing with the different topics is just what we need these days, and it looks good, too!

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