The Abracadabra bookmark, made by the designers Jung-Hyun Lee, Won-Sik Chae & Rhea Jeong, is a new type off marking the page, but has the same function in the end: to make finding where you left off easier. The bookmark contains an air-filled chamber, half of which is flattened by the weight of a book, that will press the air into the other chamber. And then by squeezing the side that is exposed, it will push the air back into the other chamber, and will lift the page just enough for your finger to slip in. So simple and functional at the same time- and I just loved the graphics, too;)

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Stian said...

Me wantee! Hvor får man tak i denne?

Natalie said...

Im sorry to say that for now it is not possible (as we can see), to buy this product yet on the web, since it probably hasen't gone into production yet. I recomend you to send a email to the designers and ask when it's coming- cause thir definitely going to find/have already found a producer for it;)

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