LG Design Contest 2008

The design contest in 2007 had such a success in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, that LG CHAMP EUROPE decided to expand it to no less than 10 european countries this year. The theme was "Catering", and was left very open so students could let their creativity run free. They had to use the material LG HI-MACS® (a stone/acrylic composite). The winning country was the Czech Republic with the design by Karel Vranek, with this gothic-inspired table "DEKO". Check out all the 10 countries finalists by clicking more...

The Italian finalist (and The Journalists Choice):

DESIGNERS: Marco Maturo, Benedetta Medici and Alessio Roscini
(European Design Institute-IED)

The german finalist:

DESIGNER: Elena Gerber
(School of Art and Design in Berlin-Weissensee)

The Swedish finalist:

DESIGNERS: Emelie Hedén and Isabelle Olsson
(Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, Lund University)

The french finalist:

DESIGNER: Natacha Lesty
(International School of Design, EID, in Toulon)

The English finalist:

(Birmingham Institute of Art and Design)

The Hungarian finalist:

DESIGNER: Géza Csire
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

The Slovakian Finalist:

DESIGNER: Matej Brzy
(Academy of Art and Design, Bratislava)

The Spanish Finalist:

DESIGNER: Rafael Zaragoza Alvaro
(Polytechnic University of Valencia)

The Russian Finalist:

DESIGNER: Anton Nikitin
(Stiglic Academy of Applied Art, St.Petersburg)

What is LG HI-MACS®?

LG HI-MACS® is part of the New Generation of acrylic stone materials.
The material is made up of 70% powdered natural stone (derived from bauxite), 25% acrylic resin for assembly with no visible seams, and 5% natural pigments.


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