Fashion predictions for the year 2000... in 1936!

This video struck me as surprisingly acurate- I mean, for it being from 1936. Funny how they so presisly predict the shoe fashion, I just saw shoes like that the other day in one of the big fashion houses. Maybe we should listen more to our grandparents about fashion advice?

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G. D. said...

Well, it is a fairly well known fact that all artefacts of fashion goes out of fashion, and then comes back in fashion in a new "era" and more often so as redesigned or modified items. Example: Some of the ponchos that became popular two years ago were basically the same as the hippies used in the late 60's and early 70's. What is noticeable is that a clothing item, like the poncho, could be in fashion for many years a few decades ago, but now these items fall out of fashion after only 1-2 years. (croc shoes RIP uuh!). The fashion industry is successful in intimidating young girls to change their entire wardrobes every year, but from an ecological point-of-view this is very unfortunate for the environment. People should shake off their insecurities and go to the second-hand stores and find clothes that reflect their own styles.

Natalie said...

I totally agree! And luckely for the eco-fact, vintage shopping is fashion;)
(Kudos for the croc remark)

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