The Birds

Spring is here, and these days I only want to wear flowerdresses and eat icecream in the sun!
You might say i am a silly romantic, but there is something wonderful about this season. It´s getting warmer, people are smiling more and everything is blooming around me.
Flowers are not the only thing I love at the moment, birds are also on my list of nice spring elements.
So when I found these bird hairbands, my heart skipped a beat- how cool is it to have a colorful little bird sitting on your head while you walke through the park?! There are more quirky and nice things at, so fly on over!

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Julia Edin said...

i love it. your hair will be a birdnest!

Kirsti said...

u bet! and it will be the most chic birdsnest ever!

Julia Edin said...

to cool for school

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