Dance with me?

I always wanted to dance with my father when i was young and extra funny was it to stand on his feet while we where dancing.... take a look at this.

How nice to have a pair of these to dance in! Super cute.

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Kelly said...

Would you please tell me where you found those slippers? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and think it would be the perfect present to give my husband to let him know that we are expecting a baby.

Please any hints or help would very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Julia Edin said...

hello kelly, im glad to hear that you liked the slipper and congratualtions for the baby. on this link you can write to Huopaliike Lahtinen, the deisgners and order in whatever size you want!

Best of luck to you, and thank you for dropping by on our page!

Kelly said...

Oh I am just thrilled that I can order these. Thank you so much! Your blog is awesome... and very habit forming! Don't stop writing!

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