The King Of Couture

The time has come for the spring-08 Couture shows in Paris.
And the greatest showman of them all, John Galliano for Christian Dior, has yet again turned fashion into art.
Only a few designers have the talent and the money to do these collections today, Galliano, the wild child of the fashion industri, is one of these very talended people that can do it. His collection is full of colors, bling and overblown shapes. This is not one of the more manic, crazy, fantasy costumes, he managed to create it into high-society sixties couture that is very chic and I do think that some of these dresses will end up on the red carpet sometime soon.

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Julia Edin said...

niiiice!!! man i really wish i was a superstar and could aford some of his dresses....ah! (but i will, just give me some years..mohaha)

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